Orange County- Conference Success Crash Course

August 16-16, 2018 TBD


Event Information

One of the most important ways to build your business is by actively participating in WBENC and WBEC-West Conferences and Conventions. These can be overwhelming and hard to navigate, so we ask that you join us in learning how to create the connections you need to win business with Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government.

We will go over:

  • The #1 reason why every WBE should attend at least one conference/convention in the next 12 months.
  • Twelve opportunities to make strong, memorable “connections” with Supplier Diversity Managers.
  • Four documents to complete before traveling to the conference/convention.
  • Critical preparation for successful 1:1 meetings in the Exhibit Hall.
  • How to catapult opportunity with Matchmaker meetings.
  • Certified Platinum Suppliers: How to prepare for your 2-minute presentation.
  • Ways to create solid WBE2WBE connections

          …and more.

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